Enhancing Meditation with Chi Kung

Chi Kung can help our meditation as a holistic system that harmonises the flow of vital energy within the body. This blog post explores the powerful synergy between meditation and Chi Kung(Qigong) and introduces an upcoming course at the Jamyang London Buddhist Centre that promises to deepen this connection.

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Daily Meditation – how practice starts after the session

Whether we have just started or have a regular meditation practice, we may wonder, ‘Where do we go from here, and how do we make sure we get the most out of our meditation practice?’ In this post, we will explore the jewel (ultimate benefit) of meditation, where it come from, and how we unearth this for ourselves in our practice

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What is Buddhist Meditation?

Meditation in Buddhism plays a key role in awakening and freedom from suffering, featuring as one-third of the Noble Eightfold Path, alongside virtuous conduct and wisdom.

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Meditation Practice: what is it, and how long should you meditate?

what is meant by meditation, the types of meditation, the meditation benefits, and we will delve into the considerations behind meditation duration to help you discover the right balance for your personal journey towards inner peace.

What is mindfulness meditation practice?

Mindfulness meditation has become a worldwide phenomenon. We hear about it as people’s regular practice of mindfulness as well as being used as a mindfulness therapy in a clinical setting. Though most of us have heard of mindfulness, we might not know its roots lie in Buddhism.

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