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    Whit Mason

    I’ve just finished the terrific book about quantum physics that Geshe Namdak recommended. If someone could tell me how, I’d be happy to share the most relevant pages about Nagarjuna. The whole book, not just these pages, make a scientific argument for dependent origination. Another compelling scientific argument in support of Buddhism’s central tenets is Robert Wright’s Why Buddhism is True.

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    Adam South

    Hey Whit, Thanks for the reminder – I will have to check out Helgoland, sounds very interesting and will also look into “Why Buddhism is true” because that is a brilliant title for a book.

    Laura Cavina

    Whit were you at the Sci&Wiz LIVE talk with Professor Hiley? If not catch up the recording it was extraordinary, think you’d like it 🙂

    Tiziana Amendola

    I’m currently reading David Bohm’s “Wholeness and the Implicate order” really great. Combined with the “Tao of Physics” which I’ve read just before that I am even more convinced now that the Quantum Physics concepts totally support the Buddhist views.
    And Laura, I agree with you, the talk with Prof. Basil Hiley was extraordinary! what a character, a true rebel lol.
    Next on my list are “The order of time” by Carlo Rovelli and “The Feeling of Life Itself: Why Consciousness Is Widespread but Can’t Be Computed” by Christof Koch. I feel like I’ve fallen into the rabbit hole…
    @Whit, please share the most relevant pages!

    Patrick Clifford

    I am reading a book it’s called “the self aware universe” how consciousnesses creates the material world” Amit Goswani he is professor
    Physics at university of oregan. He takes “mind only school” view of the universe.

    Jared K. Jones

    Another excellent book:

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