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    Katrin Veicht

    Great, thank you for the info – seeing you all most likely on Monday then. All the best!
    And I rejoice with the opening of Jamyang again – with registration – but still…..

    Laura Cavina

    Quick line to thank Diana, Lars, Bill, Jared and all who led / would like to lead meditations.
    I personally find our morning sessions not only useful but also most enjoyable!
    Therefore – we had initially agreed to meet on Monday and Weds (which works for Katrin) and then changed to Monday and Thursday (which works for more people). How about we increase the sessions to x3 weekly (Monday, Weds and Thursday)?

    Jared K. Jones

    Quite welcome indeed. I hope today was not too intense.

    I would be open to that, even though I may not attend every session.

    Lars Lolk Glymov

    Hi all

    I support the idea of 3 x a week. I was unable to join today (family matters), but will be there on Thursday. In June, I can however merely join Monday and Thursday due to my work situation.

    Diana Pisani

    Thank you to everyone who has led a meditation session so far (Laura, Lars, Bill and Jared). It has made a huge difference over what I can manage on my own.

    I’m fine with Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. There will be occasional days that I can’t do, but we’ll worry about that if/when they happen. There is no pressure to come to every session.

    Should we start the extra Wednesday session next week? We have quite a busy day this week, with the Precepts that morning, plus Morning Prayers and the Nagarjuna teaching in the evening. On the other hand, it would be an auspicious day to start…

    Katrin Veicht

    Hi all, like the idea too. Like on June 3rd – we have a bank holiday here
    – I could join you then – great!
    Thanks from me also – to whoever has led the med. session so far. I did not feel it was too intense today.
    @Jared – did you resite the Metta Sutra today? I am looking for the english version – could not find it on fpmt.org
    Any chance to mail it to me (and who ever is interested too)?
    Thank you – see you prob. on Monday 31st…Have a auspicious day on Saka Dawa Duchen Day!

    Diana Pisani

    Ok, then we’ll have the next session on Thursday 27 May at 9am (UK time).

    Starting next week (on bank holiday Monday!), I’ll open the Zoom session on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and we’ll see how it goes.

    (The forum is still acting oddly when I try to post, so apologies if this ends up being a repeat).

    Laura Cavina

    Good stuff – thank you everyone!
    And Happy Sakadawa!!!

    Diana Pisani

    So dates for next week:

    Times: Monday 31 May 2021, 9am (UK time)
    Wednesday 2 June 2021, 9am (UK time)
    Thursday 3 June 2021, 9am (UK time)

    Same joining details as always:

    Link: https://zoom.us/j/97931954336?pwd=YVpIOFcrVWtIYnZQZEdTNTJZZkxWZz09
    Meeting ID: 979 3195 4336
    Passcode: 8Lpvs2

    There isn’t any homework set for next week, so feel free to suggest topics from any of the Basic Programme weekends that you’d like to cover.

    Jared K. Jones

    @Katrin. I did recite a bit of the Metta Sutta. The translation was from here:

    I had a bit of advice in this regard, and I’ve found this quite helpful. You’ll hear the same teachings again and again: each of the lamrim topics, the instructions on the immeasurables, bodhicitta, emptiness, shamatha, and so forth. Each time you go through teachings on a subject something else will grab you and really move the heart or move the mind. Certain ways of saying things or visualising things will impact you more deeply than others.

    If you start taking notes on a topic and keeping them centralised (like in a Google doc or Word doc, for example), then over time you can develop a manual that is exactly tailored to your internal architecture. Those things that move your mind quickly and easily into subjective meditations or topical-contemplative meditations will be close at hand. After a while, these notes are in your mind, ready to use – sometimes arising on their own.

    While I have no realisations and no special knowledge of any kind, I have found this advice useful (even as horribly as I have applied it over the years). So, the meditation I took us through was one such manual, albeit one modified for a secular audience.

    Katrin Veicht

    Hi Jared, many thanks – yes, that’s it – the Metta Sutra – thank you so much.

    Yes, I like your advice! Thank you.

    Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow morning …

    Media Gyamtso

    Wanted to say thank you for creating the container for meditation 3x per week. I’m gutted I haven’t joined in much yet (working days for me) though trying to clear my 9 am more for it. Thanks for the Metta Sutta and advise Jared too.

    Diana Pisani

    Another week over – thank you to Jared and Bill for this week’s meditations and to everyone who came along on any of the days.

    We’re meeting on Monday, Wednesday and Friday next week to start on the Six Perfections meditation homework. Same link/meeting details as before.

    See you in the teachings!

    Laura Fudge

    Hi there
    Laura Fudge here
    expressing an interest in joining this meditation group regularly on Mondays and Wednesdays,
    establishing a good meditation practice.

    At 9.04 this morning, after the Jamyang Leeds hosted morning prayers, it was a bit too late to attempt to “Zoom in”,
    knowing that this meditation was happening, I had a go sitting on my meditation cushion,
    followed by some Basic Programme revision,
    breaking a long established habit,
    listening to BBC Radio 4’s Start the Week

    Looking forward to joining you on Wednesday
    Thank you for hosting and creating the opportunity

    Best wishes,
    Laura F.

    Pempa Samuels

    Is meditation happening tonight? I was not sure where I read the message about Monday night meditation.

    Apologies if this doesn’t apply for tonight.

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