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    Laura Fudge

    That was my third attempt at a post
    I think because I included a website link, copying and pasting without noticing and using the “tools” in the reply bar
    So let’s have another go at sharing a link to a “Start the Week” programme that I found particularly interesting, on a few weeks ago, stimulating thought on the cultural determinants that shape religions…
    Personal faith and the Church

    The miracles of modern technology – it’s available to listen again for …as long as the BBC website is there…

    Diana Pisani

    Hi Laura F.,

    I just saw your post about joining the session late. Quite a few of us attend the Jamyang Leeds morning prayers session so we don’t usually start meditating at exactly 9am.

    So if the prayers do end after 9am, please still feel free to join us in the meditation session afterwards!

    Laura Fudge

    Thanks for the reply and the encouragement, Diana.
    Looking forward to tomorrow morning’s session.

    Diana Pisani

    Thanks to Diane and Laura C for leading meditations this week and thank you to the Wednesday attendees for putting up with my attempt at doing the same!

    Next week’s meditation homework is contemplating the benefits of practising generosity, morality and effort.

    Same joining details as before:

    Date: Monday 14 June 2021, Wednesday 16 June 2021, Thursday 17 June 2021
    Link: Click here to join
    Meeting ID: 979 3195 4336
    Passcode: 8Lpvs2

    Jared K. Jones

    Apologies for not joining this week.

    We are preparing to move to Edinburgh on the 17th. So, it’s been a bit hectic.


    Diana Pisani

    No problem, Jared. Good luck with the move!


    Hi every in this morning meditation group, Thank you Laura for the idea and Diana for sorting the zoom, really grateful. I too struggle to keep up with the meditations on my own. I cant make them all three mornings but am keen to carry on. I’m away this week but will try my best to join wed and Thursday if you are still meeting. thank you, Diane

    Diana Pisani

    Thank you to everyone who participated this week. Thank you to Bill for leading on Monday, and thank you to those who came along on Wednesday and Thursday for their patience with me.

    The topic for next week is Patience.

    I will be away on Wednesday and Thursday. I will probably be able to open the Zoom sessions, but it’s unlikely that I will be able to participate – please start without me!

    The joining information is still the same:

    Dates: Monday 21 June, Wednesday 23 June, Thursday 24 June – 9am (UK time)


    Meeting ID: 979 3195 4336
    Passcode: 8Lpvs2

    Have a great weekend.

    Diana Pisani

    Thanks to Laura for running the sessions and to Bill and anyone else leading the meditations.

    This week, the Zoom sessions will be Monday 28th, Wednesday 30th and July 1st at 9am, same link/login details as above.

    This week’s topics are Concentration meditation and reflections on emptiness

    Diana Pisani

    Hi everyone!

    Thanks to Diane and Laura for leading last week and thanks to Thursday’s attendees for listening to my muddled thoughts on emptiness for half an hour.

    It seems like we’re settled on 9am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, at least until the Lamrim retreat at the end of the month.

    The meditation homework over the summer is more lamrim meditation, so feel free to come along with any topics you would like to contemplate!

    Laura Cavina

    Diana – sorry, have been so slack with checking the forum!
    Thank YOU for all your thank yous (😉), for leading on meditations, and for always bending over backwards to keep our sessions going. You’re amazing!

    Link to Geshe-la’s session on the Four Close Placements of Mindfulness is here.
    Four Close Placements of Mindfulness workshop
    He ran it as part of a fantastic weekend of teachings, practices and contemplations on physical and mental wellbeing organised by Science & Wisdom Live. It was a brilliant event.

    Good day lovely people ✌🏼😊

    Katrin Veicht

    hi Diana, hi Laura, hi all,
    yes, thanks for keeping the meditation sessions going, Diana – many thanks!
    and the link, Laura – sounds intersting!

    p.s. have problems with the server – cannot watch last weekends recording- any idea?

    Carol McQuire

    Thanks for this link, Laura!

    And I do hope that I will get to join you more often soon.

    Diana Pisani

    So this week, we covered 2 of the 4 Close Placements of Mindfulness.

    Thanks to Laura for leading on the body on Monday and presenting the recording Geshe-la on Wednesday (link is in Laura’s post above).

    Today, we listened to Alan Wallace – Guided Meditation on Mindfulness of Feelings (The link leads to recordings of the whole workshop – we listened to part 31).

    Next week, it’ll be more on the 4 Close Placements. Same times (9am on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday) and same joining details.

    Have a good weekend!

    Catherine Bowman

    Dear Laura,
    Super-helpful link 🙏 🙏 🙏

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