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    Jeff Highfill

    Dear fellow students

    In regards to the “incorrect understandings” of the 4 Noble Truths, what are they for the 3rd (absence of suffering) and 4th (the path) Truths? Unfortunately I am not getting/finding with point of view from the text.

    For the 1st and 2nd Truths I have understood the following:
    1. Truth of suffering – Incorrect understandings (pure, happiness, permanent, and self)
    2. Truth of the cause of suffering – Incorrect understanding (impermanence, suffering, empty, selfless)

    Thank you for sharing your views!

    Jan Andresen

    Hi Jeff

    There is a fairly detailed explanation of this on Alex Berzin’s website:

    The Sixteen Distorted Ways of Embracing the Four Noble Truths

    Hope this helps.

    Jeff Highfill

    Hi Jan, super, thank you for this link, this is a great read!!

    Best wishes!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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