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    Kamlo Chen-Duffy

    Hello! My name is Kamlo. I’m the Spiritual Programme Coordinator at Jamyang Buddhist Centre London. Thank you for being so patient while we worked to set up this forum. As well as working with the rest of the education team in organising Basic Programme, I am a student, learning alongside all of you. I feel really fortunate to have the opportunity to develop my Dharma practice under the skillful guidance of Geshe Namdak and with the support of this community.

    Please feel free to use this thread to introduce yourself, perhaps by letting us know where you are in the world and sharing a few words about how you’re finding Basic Programme so far!

    Karol French

    Hello every one. 🙏🏼

    The name is Karol . currently based in Wales U.K.

    Very encouraged and happy to see many students and teachers inspired to learn the Dharma .

    May we view this world as an opportunity to learn the ways of the mind , tame the mind and devote our energy and time for the benefit of others which is our true nature after all

    I am an old student

    Unaccustomed to computers
    Therefore clumsy and muddled so please be patient.

    THANKYOU for this opportunity and the quality of instruction and guidance



    Hello Everyone

    I’m Evonne and so pleased to be to be on the course and having the opportunity to be in touch with everyon. I’m looking forward to being in contact and possibly sharing our experiences and learning from each other.

    Keep well


    alessia bulgari

    Hello everyone,

    and thank you so much dear wonderful people at Jamyang for all you are doing!

    My name is Alessia, I am from Rome, I rejoice in being part of this wonderful group of fortunate people, and I pray that we may never give up and that we make it grow and grow!

    Much love and see you soon!

    Jackie Yip

    Hello lovely people!

    I am Jackie. Great to see you all here. If you need to message me about your course/reviews. Please email me. Honestly, I not a forum person. See you all soon in class!!

    Lars Lolk Glymov

    I’m Lars Lolk from Denmark. So thrilled to be part of the BP course, looking forward to the next course weekend.

    Andrew Haynes

    I am Andrew. I am a long-term student and very happy to be returning to the Lam-Rim. I look forward to sharing this journey with all of you!

    Katrin Veicht

    Hello to everyone,
    I am Katrin from southern Germany. Thank you for setting up this Forum.
    Me too are very happy to be part of BP. What a great chance to study Dharma with
    you all.
    I am looking forward to develop and learn together with you all – yes, may we
    never give up!
    Thank you and see you soon.

    Benjamin Henry

    Hi, I am Benjamin,
    I am Benjamin, from Valencia. I am very happy to be part of this great opportunity.
    Thank for all of you.

    Best wishes

    Diana Pisani

    Hello. I’m Diana.

    I’m currently living in London and look forward to being able to visit the centre in person again.

    In the meantime, I’m pleased we have online teachings and it’s great being able to meet others from all over the world.



    Hello. My name is MaryEllen Kirkpatrick and I live in San Francisco, California. I’m SPC at Ocean of Compassion in Campbell, CA and I volunteer at Vajrapani Institute as well. I’m so grateful to have this opportunity for study with you all under Geshe Namdak. One of many wonderful things about having taken up this study is that I often see people I know from Jamyang in both the Ocean of Compassion and Vajrapani Virtual Gompas.

    Kamlo Chen-Duffy

    Greetings to all, from Wales, Germany, California and Denmark to Valencia, London and Rome! So great to see the global Sangha here. 🙂

    Anj Boxer

    G’day guys,

    Andrew, from Australia here. I’m still trying to catch up on the last vids and readings and feeling a little behind. It’s been a rough end to the year as I was graduating so was trying to finish my assignments in on time.

    I’ve been following Ven. Robina Courtin for ages. I wanted to dive a bit deeper/more officially into Buddism after doing the Lam Rim with her last year before COVID hit #funtimes. I should be starting a PhD exploring the similarities between the Lam Rim and western psychological interventions and how they deal with negative emotions this year. Hopefully, they’ll both complement each other (and I can catch up lol).

    Anyway, if anyone wants to connect search ‘Anj Box’ on da FB.


    Laura Cavina

    Laura, in London.
    Italian by birth, Scottish at heart.
    Yes the BP and all other online classes held by Geshe-la and other excellent Teachers saved my bacon during lockdown. Thank you!
    Yet, the suffering of change is now fully manifest and I am pretty tired of remote meetings – working from home is handy but it ain’t fun. So I look forward to being allowed to be physically at work, and in the Gompa, and in theatres.
    Course I’m still grateful, but more grumpily so.

    On a different note – I am doing the assessed version of BP. Are the Qs on the dashboard part of the assessment? If so, how do I submit them? And what are the deadlines?
    If this is all perfectly explained in the dashboard, apologies- I can only take technology in small doses before my brain goes on strike..


    Hi all,

    I’m Dave from Lewes, Delaware. I hope over the next years we are in this course together to learn from Geshe and each other and discover why the karma of each of us brought us all together at this point in time. I hope we all benefit in order to benefit others.

    Thanks Jamyang for making this available!

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