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    Jackie Yip


    Recently someone asked me about the names of our 11 cohorts. Originally we had 12 cohorts – 1 disbanded in Nov 2020.

    Back story: Back in September 2020 when the thought of naming our cohort arise besides Cohort A, Cohort B and etc which sound pretty boring… I asked Geshe-la for some suggestion of good meaningful names. We thought of 8 auspicious signs but not enough to go around the 12 cohorts. Then some lists like Shantideva’s 10 chapters. All seemed a bit too few for the 12 cohorts. After a couple of days, Geshe-la suggested we use the 17 Nalanda Pandits names who are our lineage masters. Just to make it fair for everyone – after prayers I did a lucky draw of the pandit names for each of our TAs. Then each of you were assigned to the TAs randomly just to be fair too.

    This order is based on the time of their existence
    1. Asanga
    2. Vasubandhu
    3. Gunaprabha
    4. Shakyaprabha
    5. Buddhapalita
    6. Chandrakirti
    7. Shantaraksita
    8. Kamalashila
    9. Haribhadra
    10. Vimuktisena
    11. Shantideva
    12. Dharmakirti (disbanded)

    Here is an article about their mastery and contribution to the Great Nalanda Monastery of Indian
    17 Nalanda Pandits

    With best wishes,

    Laura Cavina

    Thanks Jackie it’s nice to know what the process of naming our groups has been! 😊✌🏼

    Alison Rich

    Thank you Jackie, I really enjoyed reading that. I saw a group of statues of the 17 pandits when I was on Pilgrimage with Ven Robina, I’m just trying to remember where it was!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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