Local Volunteering Courthouse Community ​Centre

Carer Support Group

Why volunteer?

Courthouse Community Centre offers many opportunities to volunteer in their secular activities, from helping with school visits to helping with our carers' events.

In fact, all of our activities are run on a voluntary basis, so without volunteers they would not take place.

One thing to bear in mind is that volunteering benefits not just those who you may be helping but also yourself.

It can be fun and life enhancing, meeting new people and learning new skills.

What does volunteering entail?

There are a number of different projects, each requiring a particular skill set, but the most important component is a 'good heart'.

Activities can include helping greet our school visits, making cups of tea for our carers or offering to lead activities such as craft and music workshops, leading secular meditation sessions in the community or offering to support a member of the Jamyang community who may be housebound and would welcome a regular friendly chat.

Volunteering Opportunities

Most activities are in person at the Jamyang London Buddhist Centre, but there may be times when remote help is appreciated, such as during lock down when we supported our carers over the phone and using Zoom.

How to apply

In the first instance, contact [email protected], giving your contact details and a few details of how you would like to help and we will get in touch.