Meet some of our friends: Adam South – BP scholar

“I think the best representation of my personal experience of Buddhism is about my experiences of working with young people and the educational side of universal teachings, which Buddhism continues to inspires me to engage in”

Hello to everyone at Jamyang! My name is Adam South and I’m 23 years old. I’m originally from Sheffield but came down to London to study Film Practice at London College of Communication. Even though my University building was right around the corner from Jamyang at that time I was very focused on filmmaking. After finishing university and moving back to Sheffield for a little bit I started to search for a more reliable sense of happiness. I quickly became very interested in Buddhism so when I moved back down to London on a more permanent basis I was keen to find a center to learn more about Buddhism. I was lucky to find Jamyang Buddhist Centre! 

Last week marked my one year anniversary of coming to Jamyang. I have thoroughly enjoyed this time, especially the Discovering Buddhism modules and the Tai Chi sessions run by William. I’ve found everyone to be extremely welcoming and kind and I certainly feel as though I am in safe hands. From the start I found Geshe-la to be an excellent teacher and I’m very excited by the opportunity this scholarship gives to study more under his direction and deepen my practice. I feel especially honoured to receive financial help, having recently lost my full time job due to Lockdown it is reassuring to know I will be able to continue to attend classes regardless of circumstances. I’d like to thank Jamyang for its generosity and vision.

I am extremely honored to be a part of the Jamyang community, having such a loving Sangha is an endless source of inspiration to motivate me to help others in a meaningful way. I am excited to continue learning and developing compassion to all beings and I have faith Jamyang is the best place I could be to do that!