What is Exploring Buddhism?

Exploring Buddhism is the newest long-term course offered by FPMT, co-developed by senior FPMT teachers including Geshe Namdak, Geshe Legtsok and Venerable Joan Nicell.

It was conceived as a bridge between the foundation-level Discovering Buddhism and the Basic Program.

The course presents selected topics that provide a strong basis for more advanced study.

As is the case with all our Buddhist study courses, the purpose of Exploring Buddhism is to help those who resonate with the Buddhist teachings gain a thorough understanding of them and put them into practice.

What’s different about this cycle?

As a new course, Exploring Buddhism is being piloted at several FPMT centres around the world, including Jamyang London, where the first cycle included 8 modules, therefore acting as a comprehensive course for students who had not done much previous study.

In this new cycle, we will focus specifically on the four topics which act as a bridge between Discovering Buddhism and Basic Program, so it will be assumed that, at the very least, students have some background knowledge of structured teachings on the Buddhist path, or Lam Rim.

We are also very delighted to grow our ongoing partnership with Nalanda Monastery by delivering this cycle of Exploring Buddhism together. We will also be joined by students from Nagarjuna Centre Madrid and Maitreya Institute Amsterdam.

Who are the teachers?

Geshe Tenzin Losel

Geshe Losel is a graduate of the Institute of Dialectics in Dharamsala, India and studied there under the famous scholar Gen Lobsang Gyatso. A British monk, Graham Woodhouse is one of the very few Westerners trained in the traditional Tibetan way as a Geshe. He received his Geshe degree from Drepung Loseling Monastic College. He has knowledge of the texts, skill in translating, and an ability to convey the subtleties of Buddhist thought in lucid English. Geshe Losel now lives at Nalanda Monastery in France, where he taught traditional Buddhist debate.

Geshe Tenzin Namdak

After completing his university studies in Hydrology, Geshe Namdak worked as an environmental researcher in the Netherlands. He was eventually ordained by His Holiness the Dalai Lama before completing the 20-year Geshe degree at Sera Jey Monastic University in India, as well as the traditional 1-year Vajrayana study program at Gyume Tantric College. Geshe Namdak‘s incorporates his knowledge of science into his teaching, with a clear, warm and humorous style. Geshe Namdak is now Resident Teacher at Jamyang London Buddhist Centre.

What will I learn?

The original 8 modules of the pilot course have now been separated into two parts of 4 modules each.

The modules of Part 2 bridge the gap between Discovering Buddhism and Basic Program. This is the part that we will be running for our 2024 cycle of Exploring Buddhism.

What do I need to know?

  • Classes will take place on Thursday evenings.
  • You’ll access recordings of classes and materials through our learning platform.
  • You’ll learn through a combination of classes, review sessions and discussion sessions.
  • You’ll learn through a combination of in-person and online learning, or exclusively online, according to your preference.
  • Official course certification from FPMT is available.
  • Be part of a supportive community of fellow student-practitioners.

Is this for me?

Since this course builds on Discovering Buddhism, it’s desirable for students to have completed that course, or at least to be familiar with the Lam Rim teachings.

We will be launching a new cycle of Discovering Buddhism in September 2024. If you would prefer not to wait until then to start a long-term course, we can give you access to the recordings and learning materials of the current cycle of Discovering Buddhism, so you can review the content in preparation for the start of Exploring Buddhism in May 2024. Contact us for access to the Discovering Buddhism course page.

Course Schedule

Teachings: Weekly | Thursdays | 18:30 – 20:00
Review Sessions: Monthly | Saturdays | 9:30 – 11:30

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What will it cost?

We rely on the generous donations of students to run our centre, so we provide recommended donation tiers to help students gauge what level of monthly donation they can offer to support the costs of running the course.

However, we run all our Buddhist programmes on a Generosity Model. This means nobody is turned away due to lack of funds. All are welcome to enrol, regardless of financial circumstances.

The recommended monthly donation tiers will be announced soon.

Access to the course materials will be available to students for 1 year after the end of the course.

How do I enrol?

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Come along to the course Open Day | 2 March

We will host an online Open Day on the afternoon of 2 March 2024, where you will be able to ask your questions about the course to Geshe Namdak and the team.