Introducing the Masterplan: Our Long-term Vision for the Old Courthouse

Jamyang Buddhist Centre  - Renovation Project
New vision of Jamyang Buddhist Centre

Jamyang London Buddhist Centre has long been a spiritual home for the Buddhist community in London, finding its roots at the Old Courthouse on Renfrew Road in 1995. As the organisation continues to grow & evolve, it is ever more clear that a new architectural vision will support the long-term strategic goals of the organisation, distilled into five essential priorities:

  • Care for our People (including, accessibility and accommodation)
  • Prioritising Sustainability (working towards Net Zero Carbon)
  • Support the Growing Education Plan (Including study space and technological support)
  • Enliven Local Community Engagement (A refreshed Courtyard with pavilion)
  • Promote Diversity and Inclusivity (including access for all and a welcoming entrance)

The new vision focuses on creating a space that not only meets the needs of the current community but also allows for future growth and expansion & looks ahead to the next 25 years of Jamyang’s home at The Old Courthouse.

In 2022, we began a journey of exploration with Dr Cindy Walters, lead architect at Walters and Cohen, helping us imagine & creatively explore the physical aspects of Jamyang’s vision; in dialogue & collaboration, Cindy conceptualised the architectural ‘Masterplan’ for the building (introduced below by Ven. Drolma & Alison Murdoch in the video below).

By incorporating considered design principles and reimagined spaces, the new vision will enable Jamyang to serve a broader range of needs and, attract a more diverse & inclusive community & fosters a sense of connection.

Additionally, the new space will be sustainable & environmentally friendly, incorporating green building practices & energy-efficient technologies to reduce its environmental impact and support the Buddhist principles of interdependence; the new architectural vision reflects the values & teachings of the Jamyang London Buddhist Centre & serves as a physical manifestation of its long-term strategic vision.