A lovely happy end for our beloved Dorje!

In October 2021, we reached out, looking for a loving adoptive home for Dorje, Jamyang’s beloved house cat.

As a rescue cat, Dorje lived at Jamyang London for many years, becoming an important presence in the centre. In his advanced years we searched for a proper home that could take care of Dorje’s end of life.

Our former resident volunteers Rob and Orshi. who fell in love with Dorje when they were offering service, kindly answered the call.

As Orshi says ‘Dorje completely settled in with us! He has his routine and is completely confident. He is not taking any painkillers anymore, we found a natural medication that manages his pain and more importantly the inflammation itself. He does not need an amputation. He actually playing and being really playful again. They became best friends with Maki, (the other cat in the first photo).
He is a full member of our family.”

We fully rejoice to hear that and we are very very grateful for this great gesture of love and kindness from Orshi and Rob.
Wishing all the best to the new family of four!