Meet some of our Students

What makes Jamyang Buddhist Centre a unique and special place to study?

Below are some reviews from our international students of Buddhist philosophy courses and FPMT study programmes.

Discovering Buddhism is a wonderful, powerful and prudent way to enter the Buddhist path. The course lays a solid foundation for many lifetimes to come and I really enjoyed every step along the way. I can highly recommend Discovering Buddhism to everyone who wants to start or deepen the knowledge of the path to enlightenment. It’s definitely worth every moment of effort.


Discovering Buddhism with Geshe Namdak has been truly life changing. What started out as a bit of curiosity, has become a way of life. Geshe-la is a brilliant teacher with huge amounts of knowledge, humility and humour – he makes our sessions a joy to be part of. I got so much from Discovering Buddhism that I decided to go on to do the five-year Basic Programme! This is not something I expected to do when I signed up to discover a little bit about Buddhism but I’m so glad I have.



Discovering Buddhism is the beginning of a magnificent journey of learning and discovering. You will meet great Buddhist Masters like Atisha and Lama Tsongkhapa through extracts of some of the texts they themselves composed, and the commentary of these. Prepare for an amazing journey guided by Geshe-la Tenzin Namdak, a Teacher who is not only fully qualified, accomplished and unbelievably kind, but also dead funny and down to earth. This is superior stuff. Enjoy!


Just doing a little bit of study, one-off courses and classes here and there, just touches on the surface. In-depth study actually allows me to have a pathway, and I can see how each step widens your understanding.



Discover more about our courses and study-programme, our Buddhist courses operate on a generosity model and we are committed to creating study and practice spaces that are welcoming and inclusive.