Buddhism & Quantum Physics: 50 scholarships for our eLearning course

More than 50 scholarships granted

We are pleased to announce that thanks to your help, Science & Wisdom Live and Jamyang London Buddhist Centre have been able to grant more than 50 scholarships for the recently launched distance learning course “Buddhism & Quantum Physics.”

Help us match £5,000 to continue scholarships in 2024

We want to make available to everyone the new distance learning course “Buddhism & Quantum Physics”, so a 50% or 100% scholarship was offered to anyone who requests it, on top of giving the course a fair price point. This amounted to £5000, allowing deserving individuals to broaden their horizons and deepen their understanding of the world around them. Now, we’re asking our incredible community to help match this figure, ensuring we can continue this initiative in 2024 and touch even more lives. Every pound donated brings us one step closer to making a tangible difference.

Transform Lives Through Education

The generous donations and support we’ve received thus far have made it possible to sponsor all these students.

“Thank you so much, this is extremely appreciated. I can’t wait September 1st to start the online course. I’m very excited to understand more about the links between Science and Buddhism! Thank you again for your kindness and help” – Gianmarco

“I am deeply touched by your generosity in offering a 100% scholarship to my friend. I have forwarded the details to her, and I am sure she will be both surprised and delighted. I truly did not expect such generosity and will made a donation to the centre in appreciation.” – Robyn

“Thank you so much for reviewing my scholarship application and responding favourably to it. Your generosity arrives at an auspicious moment which enriches the act of receiving on my part with a special quality. I notice a being-primed in this moment. Thank you.” – Alex

The new distance learning course allows us to explain, in an easily accessible manner, Buddhist philosophy and science, responding to the inquiries and the curiosity of the broader public keen to explore this subject and extend their understanding of Buddhist philosophy and Quantum Physics.

“The way the course presented its content made it clear and step-by-step easy to understand. I now have an understanding of Quantum Physics and a deeper understanding of Emptiness.” —Anissa, scholarship applicant

About the distance learning course

This distance learning course, “Buddhism & Quantum Physics,” has been thoughtfully designed to facilitate a comprehensive grasp of Buddhist philosophy, physics, and quantum physics. The course provides a wide array of educational resources and tools to assist students who may be new to either Buddhism or Quantum Physics, equipping them with valuable insights through straightforward key takeaways and accessible learning materials.

Key Learning Tools Include:

  1. Video Lectures: Engaging video lectures by experienced teachers such as Professor Carlo Rovelli, Geshe Namdak, Dr. Michel Bitbol, Professor John Dunne, Scott Snibbe, Dr John Realpe and Dr Marco Colnaghi. This offer visual and auditory aids, making complex concepts easier to comprehend. These lectures are crafted with the intent of simplifying the intricate ideas associated with Buddhism and Quantum Physics.
  2. Guides and Suggested Reading: For those who prefer a more in-depth exploration, the course provides guides and a recommended reading list. These resources help students delve into specific topics of interest, fostering a deeper understanding.
  3. Online Chat Forum: To enhance the learning experience, the course encourages students to connect with their peers through an online chat forum. This interactive platform enables them to exchange thoughts, ask questions, and discuss the course content, creating a supportive community of learners.
  4. Live Q&A Sessions: At regular intervals throughout the year, live Q&A sessions are hosted, allowing students to directly interact with the teachers. These sessions provide an opportunity to clarify doubts and gain further insights, making the learning process more engaging and interactive.
  5. Quizzes and Feedback: The course includes quizzes to ensure students are grasping the material effectively. This allows for ongoing progress and a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

An enriching educational experience

By offering a combination of multimedia resources, peer interaction, and expert guidance, this course not only accommodates beginners in Buddhism and Quantum Physics but also caters to those who seek to expand their knowledge in either discipline. It creates an inclusive and supportive online learning environment, fostering an enriching educational experience for all participants.

“I found this course ‘enlightening’ on the specific Buddhist concepts of reality and their relationship with the various ontological interpretations of Quantum Mechanis”. —Garth, course participant

The “Buddhism & Quantum Physics Course” promises to unravel the intricate ties between two seemingly unrelated fields and deepen the understanding of both in an easy, accessible way.

“Excellent course on the background and the intersection of certain philosophical schools of Buddhism & interpretations behind Quantum Physics. Definitely worth exploring! “ —Marc, course participant

As our student says, it is a remarkable opportunity to:

“venture into the depths of both science and Buddhist philosophy and explore the overlap between the two”. —Matt, course participant

We very much hope that the students will have a transformative learning experience and that this distance learning course will provide them with new insights, fresh perspectives, special knowledge, on Buddhism & Quantum Physics.

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