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Katrin Veicht

Dear Alessia,
thank you for replying to my posting. I try to explain: no, they are always different pictures or scenes. I was never scared or anything like that or existed. I just watched. They are only short clips, only a few seconds. The nicest one was a doll in a window – dressed in 40th/50th dress, very nice. I still have it in mind. I did think the same as you – I don’t expect anything to come up or wait for it. Guess that would ruin (?) it. I thought for myself – if I stay calm – this might be like when we are dying – apparently there are also pictures etc coming up – it is maybe phenomenas – so we should not care – just watch…what do you feel about this? Personally I feel like that is probably the best…???? I am just curious where they come from – a part of the subtle mind???
All best to you to – thanks again!