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George Vogt

Hi there,
as a student I started reading about and drinking green tea (maybe it was the other way round). It was a time when my life wanted to have a goal to aim for, I often thought of these monks with great knowledge and healing power wandering from place to place.
Later came the chance to attend ten days of teachings by the Dalai Lama in Bloomington, Indianapolis. I had little funds and booked a space at the nearest camping ground, as a Swiss I not even imagined that distances are different in the USA. I was very lucky and am still greatful to the two young Americans who let me ride with them everyday! Thank you very much!
More or less twenty years later precious teachers and Jamyang make it possible to go on another journey….
There is a web site ( I set up after moving to the UK some years ago. I am in Switzerland again and hope to be back in London soom.
See you tomorrow.