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HI everybody.
wow there are some seiously clever people on this course. just like to say, i am not one of them. I got an absent for english and an ungraded for maths, but I do have a thought on the question of entertaining doubts about rebirth.

If i was chopped up into parts and laid out on a table, you would clearly be able to see and point to my elbow, kidneys, ear, and any other part of my anatomy. But were is my mind?. no were on the table can someone point and say look that bit there is matts mind. even if you took my brain apart or any other organ you still can not pick up a piece and say this bit here is matt’s mind. This clearly proves to me that the mind is not physical.

Reincarnation, my question is ? Did the mind ever die? or will it ever be reborn? or is the mind a continuous stream of conciousness of our own creation. Cause and effect, Karma. we cannot prove when the mind began becouse its not physical, we cannot prove when the mind will end, but what I do Know is that, yes it is possible to improve our minds but we need help from Geshela.