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Carla Calimani

Hey Kamlo,
A lot of yoga practitioners (certainly myself included) have shifted away from yoga for the sake of achieving set shapes, and toward yoga as a way of noticing how it is to be in your own body, its interconnectedness with the mind and the breath. The emphasis on this style of yoga is the inner felt sense, and noticing how you have choices in how you move and the possibility of doing so with more ease. It seems to me there are a lot of lovely parallels here with realising that you have also choices in how you think, and that the muscle of the brain is just as moldable as the muscles in the body.
There is often only time for a relatively brief meditation session as part of a yoga class, so I get why normally this is a stabilising type of meditation, but I find it interesting how I never even knew analytical meditation existed until I started exploring specifically Buddhist practices. Even if only offered in far briefer ‘nuggets’, I still think offering meditations more in line with the nine session topics that Scott is guiding us through could offer fantastic food for thought at the end of a yoga class too…