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Jude Harris

I’m sorry to be slow in communicating but I only found my way to this forum tonight – some technical blindness I suppose! I just want to thank you both, Stephen and Scott, for the immense work you must have invested in creating this course. I think you navigate the space between the traditional teachings and the newer blend of ‘spiritual’ and psychological approaches with great clarity and skill. Every week is a nourishing meal.

Having followed a Tibetan path for the last few years, these sessions have given me another way of viewing the precious wisdoms shaped over expanses of time, using the more familiar tools of present day methodologies. Scott – you have such a fluent and sincere and light way of communicating, there are no barriers to understanding. Being prepared to incorporate insights and reveal examples from your own life prompts each of us to reflect on the practical realities of our own. With the restrictions of Lockdown, being in a confined physical space, apart from company, you actually have so much opportunity to observe your mind and mood, and (on a good day,) dip down beneath the churning waters. Tuesday night is the inspiration.