Repaying the Kindness (RTK) is a project of Courthouse Community Centre (CCC) - a Registered Charity.

Repaying the Kindness sets out to nurture and support carers who live in the community and who are themselves so kind to others.

Who we are:

Repaying the Kindness is Jamyang's nonreligious sister organisation, and is registered as a charity under the name 'Courthouse Community Centre'. Based at Jamyang, our small team is supported by a dedicated troup of volunteer helpers.

We aspire to:

* offer respite in a day, free from caring responsibilities, for adult carers living locally

* provide life-enhancing experiences for carers

* support carers in ways that strengthen their sense of well-being and help to reduce stress levels through a range of activities

Our programme offers:

* an opportunity to experience activities such as Chair Yoga, painting, holistic therapies, meditation and relaxation, as well as to socialise or just sit quietly in the peaceful, supportive environment of The Old Courthouse

* seasonal outings to places of beauty and interest in the locality

* delicious and healthy vegetarian food

You are eligible if you:

We abide by the definition of a carer as someone who, without financial payment, is looking after a friend or relative who is frail or ill, or who has a physical, mental health or learning disability.

How to contact us:

If you are a carer in Lambeth or Southwark and would like to go on our mailing list, or if you would like to become a volunteer or know more about us, please phone or write to us at:

Repaying the Kindness
The Old Courthouse
43 Renfrew Road
London SE11 4NA

Tel: 0207 820 9020
Email: [email protected]

Jane Sill (Community Manager) [email protected]
Vinod Ravi (Community worker) [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you!

Other Resources for carers:

*If other carers or those they care for would like further information they can contact the Disability Advice Service Lambeth (DASL) Enquiry Line which provides information on any aspect of disability. This includes issues such as welfare benefits, housing, community care, disability discrimination and transport. If they don't know the answer, they'll help find someone who does. The Enquiry line is open from 10am-1pm Monday to Friday. You can leave a message on their voice mail at other times. Queries can also be sent using the website


Jamyang is an affiliated centre of the 
Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition

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