Meet some of our instructors: Craig Rogerson

What is Sound Therapy? 

Sound in therapy is such a wonderful practice that has many benefits! Working with resonance, we use tools such as Metal Himalayan Singing bowls or Crystal Singing bowls to help us reach a state beyond relaxation, a therapeutic state. It is here that the body is truly able to rest, rejuvenate and restore. I offer Individual Sound Therapy and Group Sound meditations which is also sometimes referred to as a ‘Sound Bath’.

The benefits

In short, I like to say that sound helps us ‘re-tune’. Sometimes life can be very busy and full of surprises. Lifestyles, workloads, unfortunate events, traumas, illnesses, stresses or injuries can all lead to dis-ease in us or to us becoming ‘out of tune’.  Sound is a fantastic tool that is becoming more popular in people’s wellness journeys. Work with singing bowls can be detoxing, balancing, de-stressing, and uplifting. It is a great way to refresh and reset so whether there is deeper work to do or a moment of relaxation is in order, there are many benefits that we enjoy from sound.

On a physical level, we see cellular rejuvenation and restructuring, liquid purification, and immune system strengthening via our nitric oxide cycle time being quickened.

On a mental level, sound is our link to presence, and exercising being present in the moment leads to creating acceptance. The more acceptance we create, the more we cultivate peace of mind.

Emotionally, if our mental side is in check, the bridge between heart and mind is in a good state for our emotional side to follow.

  • Physical: Headache & tension relief, pain relief, balance improvement, chronic tiredness relief, tightness in chest relief, increased levels of energy.
  • Mental: Unclarity, fog dissipation, increased motivation, improved mindset, improved attention span, improved patience, improved focus.
  • Emotional: Confidence increase, Anxiety relief, relaxation, general mood improvement, improved expression.

What can you expect? 

While I focus on Individual one-on-one treatments, I also enjoy hosting regular Group Sound Meditations across London.

Individual Sound Therapy Treatments

During a one on one session, the individual is welcomed to a comfortable, safe space where we understand and set intentions before embarking on a deep, relaxing treatment. This session is completely tailored to address whatever is present with the patient. Whilst laying down comfortably, I use a variety of metal singing bowls surrounding the body to guide them to a therapeutic state. Stimulating frequencies create sympathetic reactions and this is where working through any blockages is able to happen.

Group Sound Meditations

Also known as ‘Sound Baths’ these group sessions are a fantastic introduction to sound. Laying down with your eyes closed, you enjoy experiencing the sounds and vibrations of both metal and crystal Himalayan singing bowls, with the addition of chimes and the beautiful sounds of the Handpan. You are free to relax your mind and drift away to wherever the sound may take you. A great way to slow down and relax.