Meet some of our People

We’re happy to introduce Ven. Catherine, Media, Liz, Freddie and Dion , our most recent additions to the team.

Meet Liz our Community Engagement Coordinator


I’m delighted to serve both Jamyang and the local community in a new role as a volunteer Community Engagement Coordinator.

Although I’m relatively new to Jamyang, starting with Discovering Buddhism in 2019 and now a Basic Programme student, I’ve been a local resident of Jamyang London Buddhist Centre for nearly 16 years.  I’m excited to join these two parts of my community together. And very much looking forward to seeing what 2023 brings between Jamyang London, local residents and local organisations!  


If you live locally to Jamyang London and are interested in meeting at the Centre in January for a chat about what we might do next year, please contact me on [email protected] 


Meet Freddie our Gateway Education Coordinator

This rich spiritual tradition is not just something consigned to history but a living and evolving community.

I see Jamyang London Buddhist Centre as being at the forefront of that community, and to be welcomed on board as Gateway Education Coordinator is a real honour.

I’m truly excited about this role and I hope I can play a small part in spreading the teachings through the promotion of local community outreach and nurturing people’s interest in the Dharma. 


Meet Dion our Community Comms Manager

Dion joined the Jamyang team in September as Communications & Education Support Coordinator.

He supports Fabiana and Kamlo in the delivery and coordination of Jamyang’s comms and educational programs.

Dion brings experience in design and community development, and through his work, he seeks to strengthen community connections and engagement.