Meet some of our Friends: Grace Gyatso

Meet Grace long-term friend of Jamyang.

Grace offered service as Director of Tushita Meditation Centre in Dharamsala (2008-2014) before moving to the UK to become Executive Director of FDCW (2014-2018). 

Now, she facilitates Buddhist Meditation introductory courses at Jamyang Buddhist Centre London and supports the Jamyang team in many other ways.


What does Jamyang community mean to you?

It provides the opportunity to connect with others in positive and meaningful ways. 

Jamyang community is a diverse community of warm-hearted and genuine people. 

It is a place of trust and care.  A place where everyone is welcome. 

Some of the most memorable and special experiences at Jamyang Buddhist Centre have been volunteering for special events. 

As Jamyang is inclusive and welcoming to families – our whole family have been involved in supporting events  e.g. running a stall, cooking for special guests, supporting the setup of events.  It also provides a space for the Tibetan community to connect and come together such as e.g. for the annual Tibetan New Year festival (Losar). 



When & how did your journey with Jamyang begin?

In 2014 – an opportunity to serve FPMT as FDCW Executive Director brought myself and my family here from Dharamsala, India. 

What are your visions for the future Jamyang community?

It is clear as human beings on this planet, we are facing times of increasing challenge. Thus, working collectively with other organisations, building bridges so we can respond in a united way  – be that through local community initiatives, interfaith dialogue and events, collaboration on environmental initiatives etc. Now is a time to be thinking more collectively as one human family. 

 What does it mean to have a centre like Jamyang in London?

Jamyang London Buddhist Centre exists now thanks to the dedication and service of many kind teachers, staff and volunteers over the years. 

Jamyang London Buddhist Centre provides a safe place of refuge; a positive, vibrant “breathing space”; a place of connection and friendship in the heart of a big city.