Jamyang Schools visits have been going for many years and the
feed-back we receive has always been extremely positive. We host junior and senior class children and their teachers. A typical school visit would run something like this:

  • School group arrives and are welcomed and each child is offered a drink and biscuit
  • A short talk about the history of our historic building and about Jamyang itself & health & safety
  • A tour of the building including the tiny old police holding cells (the kids love those!)
  • A short talk about Buddhism
  • A short simple guided meditation (if requested)

 The school visits are hosted by a team of volunteers, under the guidance of Cynthia Bonell (for Primary Schools) and Ros Boughtflower (for Senior Schools).  Both are very experienced teachers and long term Jamyang students.

If you would like your school to visit Jamyang please contact Jamyang's Community office:

Phone 020 7820 8787 or email: jane [at] jamyang.co.uk


Jamyang is an affiliated centre of the 
Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition

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