Scholarships for Black and Global Majority People

Jamyang and Science and Wisdom LIVE are happy to offer three scholarships – each gives free access to the e-course on Buddhism & Quantum Physics.

More info about the Online Course

Buddhist scholars have long collaborated with physicists to further understand the complex nature of reality. Even His Holiness the Dalai Lama encourages the study of physics as a way of bridging the gap between the science of life and the interconnected experience of living life.

The purpose of this interactive online learning course is to provide you with new analytical tools for your mind and to investigate the nature of reality and the self. With this fundamental shift in perspective, you can become more open to experiencing joy in daily life, expanding your worldview, improving well-being, enhancing mindfulness, and cultivating a deeper meditation practice.

Learners will begin with an introduction to Buddhist Philosophy, after which you will follow the syllabus which is organised in six modules: Introduction to Quantum Physics, Appearance & Reality, Buddhist Epistemology, Emptiness in Buddhism and Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics and the Nature of Consciousness, and an Experiential Buddhist Meditation Workshop.

Our syllabus and course materials are designed to be engaging and applicable to daily life; anyone who is interested in Buddhist philosophy, Buddhist practice, mindfulness, or physical science—particularly quantum physics—is welcome to enrol.


More info about the Scholarships

In the spirit of inclusivity, diversity, and equity, Jamyang Buddhist Centre and Science & Wisdom LIVE are initially offering three Scholarships in 2023. These will be for young female Black and global majority scientists and/or female Buddhists with an interest in science, to join our first online course for free.

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