Honouring the Lineage 2023 – Part III

We’re thrilled to announce that with your incredible support, we’ve hit 100% of our fundraising goal!

We thank you for participating in this journey, accumulating merit, removing obstacles, and creating resources for our Dharma projects.

As a community, this was a fantastic opportunity to come together and accumulate merit for our beloved Jamyang family!

“This collective effort will help us overcome obstacles not only on our individual spiritual paths but also in the pursuit of Jamyang’s projects, which aim to alleviate the suffering of sentient beings. From the depths of my heart, I sincerely thank you once again for your support and unwavering dedication.

With prayers, Geshe Namdak 

A big thank you to our donors:

Abelardo Polonio, Alan Russell, Alimma Aldiyar, Alison Rich, Anh Bui, Anissa Sedira, Annelies van der Heijden, Ari Clark, Carina Thorén, Charlotte Frejya-Richwoods, Chiara Cappellaro, Danuta Oussanaa, Dawa Tsering, Dermot McHugh, Di Carroll, Diana Pisani, Dion Rezki, Fiona Oliver, Francesca Sanchez, Gail Collison, Grace Chan, Hemant Motwani, Janice Allan, Jared Jones, Jim & Janice Davidson Allan, Jo Gillibrand, Josefina Castelltort Kutcher, Judy Klinpikuln, Julie Speechley, Katia Krüger Montaldo, Katrin Veicht, Kevin Liu, Laura Cavina, Lauren Thomas, Lena Nordstrand, Libuše Arnoštová, Linda Scott, Madina Nurmatova, Margaret Kim, Mark Hamilton, Matt Ferguson, Nagamani Pitchuka, Natalia Bojanic, Natasha Ryabova, Nini Khatiblou, Ochirbat Ujeed, Pempa lhamu Samuels, Radoslaw Skrzypczak, S Golding, Sabine Hueppelshaeuser, Sam Mette, Soh Ong, Tanaporn Thongtheppairot, Tenzin Denison, Tenzin Paldron, Thomas Johnston, Thomas Warrior, Tien Doan, Victoria Coleman, Viva Hart, and all the Anonymous Donors!

What’s Next?

Mark your Calendar:

  1. This Autumn, you are all invited to roll Mantras for the statues – more details soon.
  2. This Autumn, we will also install the Cabinet for the statues of Honouring the Lineage Part 2.
  3. This Winter, the scaffolding will be up in the Main Gompa and North Corridor to install the light offerings.
  4. Winter 2024: We hope to welcome all those who have made this project possible to view the outcome.

Thank You!

None of this would have been possible without donors like you, who have joined us on this meaningful journey.

With immense gratitude, we announce that Vaishravana and Padmasambhava Statue have arrived safely home at Jamyang London Buddhist Centre and that we can now install light offerings for the ten Thangkas, and Chenrezig statue at the Centre, to shine brightly for future generations. Thanks for Your generous donations!

Vaishravana and Padmasambhava Statue

Raised 100%

Illuminating the Buddhas 

Raised 100%

Honouring the Lineage Project

The inspiration behind the ‘Honouring the Lineage’ Project, encompassing Part I, II, and III, is Geshe Tenzin Namdak whose skilful guidance empowers the community to create the necessary conditions for students to attain realizations and ensures the smooth unfolding of projects at Jamyang London. 

The project, now finally completed “Honouring the Lineage” it holds particular importance in fortifying the beneficial impact of our education programmes and the imminent launch of the masterplan project. 

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